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“South Florida is one of the hottest markets for startups in the country. Magic Leap, Open English and Care Cloud call it home and the global tech leaders have opened offices here. In 2016, Miami was ranked the #2 most entrepreneurial city in the US.” – via techcrunch


“Do your dreams. Founders choose the hero’s journey.
Co-create gifts for the greater good. Evolve from me
to we. Ascend.”
Barry Stamos - Founder & CEO, Videoo
“Hire and partner with those who share a common purpose, nothing is a stronger (or cheaper) motivator.”
Brandon Evans - Founder and CEO, 1heart
“Epictetus said: “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” We have to accept what we can’t control. So it’s critical that we focus on what we can control! We’ve chosen a path that will challenge us to our core. It’s a long journey. Buckle up!”
Andy Sturner - Co-founder, Boat Setter
“Surround yourself with the brightest, most hardworking, creative, positive, and passionate people. Strong teams can turn any obstacle into an opportunity. “
Della Heiman - Founder, The Wynwood Yard
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and that couldn’t be truer than when running a startup. Always remember to enjoy life while in pursuit of your goals.”
Chris Adamo - Partner, Where By Us
“As a founder the most important thing to master is your own psychology (patterns and programming). You are your best asset and biggest roadblock.”
Matthew Sherman - Founder & CEO, jugofresh
“The secret to being a successful entrepreneur; is to plan a little…and surrender a lot. Letting go makes room for the universe to deliver unexpected surprises.”
Jennifer Grace - Founder, Jennifer Grace Enterprises
“You are not just what you do at work. Having a life beyond the office is key. Gift your startup time and space to grow.”
Jamie Rosenberg - Founder, classwallet
“In the face of all logic and reason… Believe in your project, believe in your team, and believe in yourself. You can’t lose if you believe.”
Brian Brackeen - Founder & CEO, Kairos
“Focus on the ‘why’ behind your company and not the ‘what.’ Once you find that, you’ll attract everything you’re looking for.”
Will Weinraub - Co-Founder & CEO, LiveNinja
“Everything in business is negotiable.”
Brian Breslin - Founder, Refresh Miami
“When you get to choose the destination, the path travelled, the vehicle of transportation and the friends you bring along for the ride—that in itself will satisfy the forever entrepreneur. The financial independence is a secondary and welcomed bonus.”
Bianka Krausch - Owner/Agent, Talent Direct Agency
“Wile E Coyote had a lot of great ideas of how to catch the roadrunner. His persistence, determination and willingness to put his life on the line were the greatest qualities he possessed. Never give up as long as your vision is clear.”
Freddy Sidi - Founder & President, Chargello
“Be like a swan. Look graceful to others, but under the waterline… paddle like your life depends on it.”
Jonathan Lieberman - Founder and CEO, itopia
“Everything you need is within you.”
Rocco Savage - Founder, Alta5
“If your heart is not 100% in it, don’t bother. Trust your feelings.”
Mike Dannheim - Co-Founder, Sensie
“Persevere. If this was going to be easy, everyone would be doing it.”
Jennifer Kaminski - Founder, Social Thinkking
“Founders need to figure out their company’s raison d’etre first. Then the startup journey is figuring out how to actualize it.”
Craig Bolz - Founding Partner & COO, Klink
“Ruthless Prioritization. Trust but verify. Don’t complain, create. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make your own luck.”
Dr. Eli Blatt - Founder & CEO, GoCase
“Before over-investing into your product/service, figure out viable and affordable distribution/sales channels first. Most entrepreneurs figure out their product/service and fall in love with it—but fail in selling it at scale.”
Daniel Buelhoff - Founding Partner, SpringTechPartners
“Life is an amazing song and dance we all hear differently. Inclusion is letting others hear your music + teaching them your dance.”
Michael Hall - Founder & CEO, Digital Grass
“No means three things: 1) Not now, 2) You haven’t given a good enough reason for me to say yes, and 3) Go one level higher. Through the obstacle you’ll find the way.”
Christian Seale - Founder and MD, Startupbootcamp Miami
“Vision is a gift to be received humbly. Execution is a craft to be practiced with patience and persistence.​​”
Tom Noel - Founder & CEO, noel.events
“Your intuition is your compass. Don’t borrow someone else’s, it’s your journey to take.​​”
German Fondevila - Founder, Trovvo
“If we weren’t doing this, we’d be doing something else; either way we have to choose to enjoy it.”
Geoff Cole - Co-Founder & CEO, Pathwaves
“Speed is everything. But without quality, there is nothing. Always remember that to go fast, go slow.​​”
Marc Billings - Founder, BlackDove
“Feel. Understand. Act. Founders’ passion will ultimately evolve into value creation. Keep in mind during the journey how much of that value you want for you or others.”
Luis Gallardo - Founder, World Happiness Summit
“Begin Again. Experience each day as its own lifetime. Each day is an opportunity to recommit and begin again, to create again, to help others again, to love again. No person is too far gone, no situation is too hopeless that one cannot start anew. Begin Again. Now.”
Henry Murphy - Founder, medit8
“Being an entrepreneur means being flexible to adapt through customer feedback but rigid to persevere on your vision.”
Miguel Molina Cosculluela - Managing Partner, Analytikus

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