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Matt Boney
Matt Boney
CEO & Founder @ daycation
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“Miami Made made my time as an entrepreneur and citizen of Miami 10x better! When I moved here I didn't know anyone in the city and even after a few months I hadn't met too many people to whom I could connect - that all changed when I went to my first Miami Made meeting. Meeting Barry the inspiring community they have crafted has lead to my hope for Miami to become a fascinating mecca for entrepreneurs around the globe and has given me a home here.
Ashley Strommen
Ashley Strommen
Co-founder at SUTRA Superfoods
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"Before joining Miami Made my business partner and I were debating establishing and growing our business in South Beach, but after the first Thrive Together Tuesday event, I knew this had to be our new home. Having a group of intelligent, driven, and successful founders to network with is pivotal to the growth of a company and the sanity of it's owners. So thankful to have joined and excited for what the future will bring."
Alice Morrison
Alice Morrison
Founder & CEO @ Paladin Energy & Technology
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I recently moved to Miami from the New York area. Barry Stamos and Brandon Evans have been gracious ambassadors, welcoming me to the area and connecting me to Miami Made and the growing entrepreneurial and technology startup scene. Through Miami Made, I continue to meet like-minded Founders who are open to share their knowledge and talents. This will undoubtedly lead to greater business success for all, and greater job and economic growth for Miami.
Volodymyr Katanskyi
Volodymyr Katanskyi
CEO & Founder @ StartupCraft
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Miami made is a great community that helped us create a better relationship with the like minded founders, with entrepreneurial soul. We had a new client from the first meeting that might become our next biggest project in a company. They go beyond networking to connect personal and business goals and support balancing work and life. Personally, I find it relaxing and refreshing to be present at their events and get a healthy distraction from my work routine.
Yannick Henriette
Yannick Henriette
Founder & General Partner at Compiler
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I joined Miami Made and enjoy all the events I've attended. The positive energy is palpable and helps you recharge to attack head-ons all the challenges that entrepreneurship throws at you, all of this in a convivial lay back atmosphere, it is "Super Well" nutrition for the soul!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Founder @ Jerk Machine
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I own a few businesses in South Florida and I look forward to connecting with the Miami made crew a few times per month. It gives me the opportunity to unwind and be in a quiet, vulnerable, yet safe space. I have found the Gathering of Founders Meetings once a month to be inspirational, motivational and fun filled. There is always new energy and knowledge packed sessions that leaves me powered up. Highly recommend you experience it for yourself!

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Common Questions

Who joins Miami Made?

We are Miami founders backing founders! That said, to be more inclusive we do make exceptions for other heart-led leaders and conscious creators making magic in Miami who may not be original ‘founders’.

Can I try it out for FREE?

Yes, join us for one (1) complimentary Miami Made Thrive Together Tuesday. This signature event occurs on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:30-9:30 AM at Ironside Miami (7610 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33138).

How long has it been around?

Miami Made was founded in 2016 by Barry Stamos and Brandon Evans. Both built large startups on the coasts (Barry in SF and Brandon in NYC) and saw a lack of community and resources amongst founders in Miami. The two best friends teamed up to give back to startups and the local community to enrich lives, especially how we purposefully integrate our lives, work and community.

How is it funded?

Miami Made started thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation and now is sustained by 150+ Founders who pay annual membership dues. To achieve our mission of a more collaborative startup ecosystem, we depend on sponsorships and support from our community partners. Please email us directly with any requests or offerings.

We 💜 Miami Made

Miami Made is a Founder and entrepreneur-led movement creating a thriving business ecosystem. 150 Founders and entrepreneurs are united as one tribe that enable each other to build better companies, live more balanced lives and grow personally and professionally.  Our mission is to leverage the diversity, collective knowledge, and creative energy of Founders and entrepreneurs to lead Miami to its next evolution as a premier place to start a company that thrives.  We love having fun together too!

“Miami’s startup scene has made tremendous strides over the past few years. Miami Made is uniting the top founders in South Florida. This is the next big step to creating a collaborative ecosystem where startups thrive.”

Matt Haggman

Former Miami Programs Director, Knight Foundation

About Us

Barry Stamos, Co-Founder

Barry is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur who evolved into a conscious capitalist. He now uses business as a force of good and walks the talk as an angel investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur. Barry is the Co-Founder of 1heart (, birthing companies that back heart-led leaders like 1heart Journeys (, Guided (, and Superwell ( Barry's the Founding Advisor to Tuft & Needle (; exit to Serta Simmons for hundreds of millions in 2018. Barry's an Angel investor in social enterprises like Thrive Market ( who raised $161M and profits through their purpose of making healthy food affordable to the masses. Barry's been an intrapreneur, as Global Practice Leader of Strategy & Innovation at Acxiom (NASDAQ: ACXM). Barry helped build a business unit that grew to $315MM annual revenues and sold to IPG for $2.3 Billion in 2018. Barry built and sold his first startup INBOX Marketing in San Francisco to Responsys pre-IPO and exited to Oracle for $1.6 Billion in 2006. Barry has been a paid consultant and coach to 100+ CMO's at Fortune 500 companies with 50+ written references on Linkedin. He is recognized by Techweek as one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Technology.

Brandon Evans, Co-Founder

Brandon has a track record of building & scaling disruptive startups from the ground up into valuable companies. His last two companies achieved financial success w/ exits/valuations each exceeding $100 Million & currently employ > 700 people combined. He is a strong culture and community builder, only entrepreneur to lead two of the Top 3 Best Places to Work in NY (Crain's) in the past 5 years. Brandon is also an expert and author and speaker focused on conscious entrepreneurship and the future. Highlights: Crowdtap (now - Founded company in 2009, grew it from 0 to 60+ employees (currently 100+) - Named to Top 100 Most Innovative Companies by Forbes for 2013 & 2014 - #54 Inc 500 Fast Growing Companies 2014 - Raised $15MM in venture capital led by Foundry Group - Named Top Place to Work by Crain's (#3 in NY) and Glassdoor (#1 in NY) - Tripled revenues in each of 2012-2014, profitable in < 3 years and $16MM+ in yearly SaaS revenue in < 4 years MRY (Acquired by LBi/Publicis Worldwide) - Built to 150+ employees prior to exit - Pioneer and leader in social marketing - Named to Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative, The INC 500, Mashable's Social Media Agency of the Year and Crain's #2 Best Place to Work in NY - Created key differentiating technology (RepNation) key to the agency's investment, high growth & margins and eventual exit.

Joe Metcalfe, Co-Host & Community Leader

Joe has been an active member of Miami Made since 2018, and Miami Made changed his business forever. He embraced the value of this supportive Founder community, and shifted his business from "transactional" to "relational." He's now stepped into the role of Co-Host and Facilitator. He's the Founder of Joe Metcalfe Consulting, and a highly sought after Performance Coach with a unique focus in Corporate Wellness. He's worked with companies such as Lexus, Club Med Corporate, Virgin, Salesforce, Maverick1000, and GoMobile Solutions. Joe helps companies utilize techniques to lower stress and lift morale. The companies he's worked with have enjoyed enhanced employee productivity, lower turnover, effective communication and increased wellbeing. He's also the author of The Inner Peace Experiment.

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